The flower picking season on Cape Clear Island has begun

Honeusuckle for Cape Clear Gin

Its been a fantastic harvest so far as can be attested by this vibrant bunch of Honeysuckle right pictured above our distillery. And we are busy also harvesting Fuschia and Laminaria Digitata during the fine weather. This year we are drying some of the botanicals and we can assure readers that the ominous looking bags are in fact fulled with the best of dried honeysuckle and fuschia so that we can continue to make the finest of Irish Coastal Gin during the long months of winter ahead. So if you encounter our pickers around the Island, be sure to say “Conas atá tú” , “Bail ó Dhia ar an obair”or better still, níos fearr fós “Ar mhaith le

Honeusuckle for Cape Clear Gin
Honeysuckle for Cape Clear Gin

at lámh cúnta”. Cléire abú.

Dried botanicals Cape Clear Distillery
Dried Flowers

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