Important Milestones Achieved

Progress has been continuing at such a pace here at the Cape Clear Island Distillery, that we’ve hardly had time to post important blog updates.  Building works continue, with important work being completed connecting the distillery buildings to the well, some distance away.

While this work isn’t exactly glamorous, every day we’re getting closer to gin production.

And, while work continues outside, on things such as drainage, pathways, and water heating equipment, we’ve been busy inside the stillhouse, as well.  In fact, the building is approaching the point of being ready for operation.

Perhaps the most interesting news of late is that a very important piece of equipment has arrived on the island.

The gin still being carefully unloaded from Dún na Séad by Skipper Duncan Harper.

Yes, the gin still has arrived and has been safely transported to the stillhouse.  Important work remains to be done before we can start producing gin on the island, but a good deal of important work has been completed, as well.

As we get ever closer to bottling our gin, we’d like to take some time to thank you, our supporters.  Without the generous contributions of your time and investment, we wouldn’t have made it as far as we have.  On that note, the application form for shares is now on the website and can be found by clicking here.  Thanks again, and keep coming back for more important updates!


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