O Driscoll's Navy Strength Gin

O’Driscolls Navy Strenght Gin

Cape Clear Distillery launches O’Driscoll’s Navy Strength Gin

We at Cape Clear Distillery, based on Ireland’s most south westerly island have just launched our latest product, O’Driscoll’s Navy strength gin. Navy strength gins are much stronger than normal gins, typically 57% or more. The history of this style stretches back to the 18th century, when gin was stored on British Navy ships next to the gunpowder. If the gin spilt and got into the gunpowder, then the higher proof would ensure that the gunpowder still exploded.

Pouring O'Driscoll's Navy Strangth Gin
Marian Bush pours O’Driscolls navy Strength Gin.

Cape Clear Island is the home of the O’Driscoll’s, one of Irelands foremost sea going Clans whose fleet of ships, in their heyday challenged Norman and English power in Ireland. Even as their lands and influence diminished, their prowess as seafarers brought prosperity through fishing, commerce and smuggling (quite often all at the same time). Failing all else, they were even known to practice a little piracy. Our Island has a compelling maritime history that that saw it play a disproportionate role in many of the great maritime events of the 19th and 20th Centuries.

So when we decided to create a Navy Strength Gin we had to look no further for a brand that reflects our Island’s maritime history and traditions, a name shared by many of our management, staff and

O Driscolls try O'Driscolls Gin
O’Driscolls sample O’Driscolls Navy Strength Gin at the 2022 Clan Gathering.

shareholders, which reflects the island and maritime character of our gin and which is synonymous with this part of West Cork.

Navy strength gin is favored by mixologists and also as in the Navy days by persons travelling far afield who want to pack as much as possible into every bottle. Given its potency, it needs to be treated with caution with measures commensurate with its increased strength.

O’Driscolls Navy Strength Gin was launched during the 2022 Annual O’Driscoll Gathering. on Cape Clear Island by Clan Chiefian, Marie Deese O’Driscoll. It retails for €50 for a 70 CL bottle.

Séamus Ó Drisceoil



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