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Come back to this space often to see the latest news. We also use the blog to post delicious recipes using our gin.

We’re Now Producing Gin!

We’ve Now Got Gin Bottled! It certainly has been a very challenging few months for Cape Clear Distillery but we have finally achieved our first

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Important Milestones Achieved

Progress has been continuing at such a pace here at the Cape Clear Island Distillery, that we’ve hardly had time to post important blog updates. 

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The New Gin Still

We’re overwhelmed with excitement to announce that the distillery has ordered a gin still! Purchased through our friends at Old Carrick Mill Distillery in Monaghan,

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Whiskey Burn

We, at Cape Clear Island Distillery, just recently got our hands on a copy of Ben Birdsall’s newly-published Whiskey Burn, and what a joy it

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Construction Underway

We show a load of blocks landed on our site recently and block-laying for the temporary still house has already commenced.  We love the spectacular

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A Look Into the Future

Imagine this…  It’s summertime.  The sun is shining and the temperature is warm.  You step aboard the ferry in Baltimore and take in the fresh

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